We provide targeted and intensive leadership development for middle managers and senior technical professionals through group coaching. The programs are customised to your organisation’s needs and vary in lengths between 4 and 6 sessions. 

We work on leadership and management challenges brought up by the group and participants are asked to test out the solutions in-between sessions. We then follow up at the next session to reflect on what happened when the person applied the solution and refine the approach if necessary.

The topics to work on are nominated by the group in the first session. The aim of our group coaching is to develop skills through working on individual issues and problems in a context shared by the whole group. We will draw the group’s attention to common leadership challenges and put them in the context of relevant models and tools. These typically include:

  • Delegating and Holding Others Accountable
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Performance Management
  • Making Sound Decisions in a Complex Environment
  • Managing Up and Navigating Organisational Politics
  • Collaborating with Peers
  • Developing Flexibility as a Leader

Our group approach to leadership development is based on guided discovery and coaching, not information download or discussing generic case studies. This means the sessions have no set agenda. We will generally start with a topic and then ask the group to discuss current issues with direct reports, peers or managers that fall under this topic. The group then works on solving one or several of these issues under our guidance. We elicit the necessary information through our initial questioning to uncover the behaviours, context and likely root causes. Solutions are designed specifically for the people involved and go down to the level of scripting the message and when, where and how to deliver it. 

We have delivered more than 30 group coaching programs since we first introduced the format in 2010. They work best in organisations with a high level of trust and with highly skilled professionals as participants.


How It Works

Our approach to leadership development conducted in groups is different to most providers:

  • We don’t use PowerPoint slides or ‘download information’
  • We don’t use generic examples or case studies

So what do we do?

We use a group coaching approach which consists of Guided Discovery, Problem Solving and Reflection. In practice this means:

  1. We use a half circle of chairs, no tables, and a whiteboard
  2. All examples and scenarios we work on are sourced from the participants
  3. The group aims to solve each problem they bring up under our guidance
  4. We bring in concepts/tools as needed during problem analysis
  5. Sessions are 2-3 weeks apart with solutions tested out by participants in between sessions
  6. Each session starts with follow-up on individual issues we worked on previously

In our group coaching about 80% the time is used for working through issues brought up by the participants. This means all solutions are explored in the context of the company culture and the people involved, making the sessions immediately relevant and practical application straightforward. New skills and behaviours discussed are not abstract, but relevant and appropriate for the specific people and problems.

Our group coaching is highly interactive and challenging as participants are compelled to map their own day-to-day experiences onto the concepts and explanations provided. Although not always a comfortable experience, the depth of learning vastly exceeds what can be achieved using conventional training approaches.

This approach is highly valued by the vast majority of participants, even though it requires some courage to explore issues that involve people known to the group in a semi-public forum. We use a strict set of ground rules to ensure confidentiality and to safeguard integrity.

Group size is limited to 12. If you would like to know more, please give us a call on 0418 124 660.