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There are 2 types of coaches – supportive and experts. A supportive coach will assist through asking questions and validating feelings. Expert coaches like us are more like elite sports coaches – we can actually offer solutions that work for you, in your unique situation. 

What you can achieve with our coaching:

  • Significantly increase your level of self-awareness
  • Develop flexibility in using non-preferred leadership styles
  • Improve your listening, communication and influencing skills
  • Develop increased personal authority and confidence
  • Improve your strategic thinking and decision making
  • Learn how to navigate organisational politics
  • Become skilled at having difficult conversations

Our approach is honest, insightful, supportive and focussed on getting leaders more effective and happier in their roles. The basic idea of coaching is to have expert assistance with building skills in relation to leadership, management and commercial acumen to either solve current problems or to set you up for future success. Through working with a coach you are able to recognise and address patterns of behaviour that are usually impossible to see in yourself.

As coaches, we provide you with a feedback loop that bypasses your ego defenses, enabling you to grow and develop. Because we can explain what we observe, you can make sense of your own and other people’s behaviour with our help. You will be able to see the benefits of learning new patterns of behaviour and we will guide you on taking the first steps.


How to Select Your Coach

Coaching expertise comes from experience and reflection and we have honed our coaching skills over 19+ years. You should select a coach who, like us, coaches full-time (less than 1 in 10 do!). In addition, select a coach who has many years experience in coaching people at your level. Your coach also needs to demonstrate their capacity for understanding you, not sticking to a formula they might have learned from a certification course.

We are well known in Melbourne for our ability to solve even the most difficult leadership issues. Our ability to ‘get’ people almost instantly has been remarked upon by most of our clients. We have been coaching full-time longer than most and we work with senior managers and executives, including CEOs. 

With over 5,000 hours combined experience in executive coaching, you can be confident that we will be able to propel you towards leadership excellence and career success. 

coaching-brochure Contact us today on 0418 124 660 to arrange a no-obligation first meeting with our executive coaches in Melbourne. Click on the image on the right to download our coaching brochure for some more information. You can also check out our testimonials & clients.

How We Coach

What is unique about the way we coach is that we coach 2-on-1. We have found that this works really well for our clients, because:

  • You gain the benefit of our complementary coaching styles
  • You benefit from a combination of analytical and intuitive insights
  • One coach is always free to observe, giving greater opportunity to provide practical feedback and advice tailored to your needs

We coach with strong background in business, leadership, organisational psychology and behaviour change. This means that we have the ability to give specific, practical advice on improving skills and dealing with current issues. Our coaching relationships are based on trust, safety and integrity.

The effectiveness of our coaching is based on solid training and the experience we have gained in 17 years of executive coaching. We are also well versed in all aspects of running a business. This background enables us to identify and work on the root causes of what is holding individuals executive leadership teams back from achieving their potential and bring about successful change.


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