We provide business coaching to directors of companies with 20-100 employees. Specifically, we are usually asked to help with:

  1. Resolving common issues in the business life cycle – exiting/entering markets or services, creating an exit strategy, preventing business failure
  2. Embedding effective business practices and processes suitable to small business and reducing waste or noise
  3. Resolving conflict between partners / directors
  4. Creating a nimble strategy and translating it into a workable plan
  5. Dealing with difficult clients or employees

The main industries we work with and know intimately are business services, engineering, IT, financial services, fintech, franchises and not-for-profit organisations. 

We know what it is like to operate and grow a small business, having been business owners for over 17 years and having created 6 businesses from scratch in that time (and sold two). We also know how much effort and focus it takes to keep up with an ever-changing environment and how easy it is to sometimes loose sight of the original goal of setting up and growing a business. If you don’t have an exit strategy, you don’t have a business strategy.

We are able to cut through the detail to quickly show you how to overcome your most pressing issues. We work fast, with most businesses we will typically do a workshop and maybe 4-6 coaching sessions before they are back on track and set up for success.

Business Coaching Examples

This premium service provider needed to make some tough decisions about which markets to enter and which to exit. We helped the directors make the right call through running a 1-day workshop and the business has been thriving ever since. We continue to support them with a difficult, high-value client and assist the 2 directors in learning to work more effectively as a leadership team.

This fast growing business contacted us to work with them on redefining the roles and responsibilities of the 2 directors to eliminate some friction and to reduce the amount of time the directors were spending on small, operational tasks. We discovered that they were taking on unprofitable print jobs that made up around 25% of the total work load. By setting a cut-off for the size of jobs they have now reduced their working hours significantly and shifted their focus to marketing their high-end printing solutions. Since working with us they have moved into new premises and the business continues to grow rapidly.

In this long-established business a new director had joined the Melbourne studio and this resulted in friction. Combined with a downturn in business there was an urgent need to create an effective working partnership between the two directors. We worked with both directors jointly and individually to sort out the friction and to create a true business partnership. This involved reviewing the operations and staffing of the studio to return the business to profitability within 3 months. Their new, effective partnership has meant the studio is now growing again and rapidly gaining new clients.

This business had recently shifted its operating model and embraced cloud-based accounting software. The owner was seeing a lot of opportunities to expand services and drive revenue growth, but hadn’t been able to translate his vision into results. Through working with us we created a series of initiatives and projects to test out his ideas with minimal risk and investment. We also worked with his team to allow him to change some of the roles and responsibilities to increase focus on marketing and business growth. He has since downscaled unprofitable operations and is now focussing business growth on the areas he enjoys.

How It Works

Our business coaching is customised to your particular needs, there is no fixed plan or program to buy. We don’t provide ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, we work out with you where the best return on investment is for your business before we start the coaching. We don’t follow a prescribed process or template, we work from our extensive experience gained over 17 years working as coaches and our unique ability to observe and understand patterns. 

The result is that we work incredibly fast. This keeps your costs manageable and guarantees an outstanding return on investment.

Please note that we do not work on increasing sales.

If you would like to set up a free initial consultation, please contact us.