At Leadership Mastery we are driven by our desire to see senior leaders flourish in their roles. We have been in business for 20 years and working as Executive Coaches for 17 years. Throughout this time we have maintained our deep interest in helping executives and senior managers develop the skills to be effective in their roles and provide the leadership their organisations and people are looking for.

Why you should work with us to develop and grow as a senior business leader:

  1. Over 20 years coaching experience
  2. We get results in just 4-6 sessions
  3. We translate deep insights into practical advice
  4. Extensive business knowledge across many industries
  5. Proven ability to deal with complex leadership issues

Having worked with over 2,000 business leaders, we have gained extensive business knowledge across a broad range of industries. We fully understand the interaction between people and organisations, including the effects of culture and politics. We use this in-depth expertise in our coaching to make sure all recommendations we offer are tailored to the specific environment you operate in and to the people you interact with. We don’t use generic formulas or prescriptions.

Working with Leadership Mastery is not for everybody. Because we will see ‘through you’ almost instantly, it is primarily designed for those who are willing to challenge themselves to develop powerful leadership skills and who wish to grow as a person.

If you would like to know how you and your business can benefit from working with us, please Contact Us today.

Our Coaches

Peter and Lynn are partners in business and in life and have been delivering executive coaching jointly for 17 years. Our clients have found that our complementary approach, different perspectives and coaching styles lead to a well-rounded and rewarding coaching experience.

Lynn Johnson, Director

Lynn originates from the UK and immigrated to Australia in 1996. She holds a PhD in particle physics and has worked as a research physicist for ICI in the UK. Upon arriving in Australia she embarked on a journey that led her from a career in management consulting to becoming the CEO of a charity and setting up Leadership Mastery in 2001.

Lynn has extensive experience in designing and delivering interventions that help people learn more about themselves, make better choices and open their minds to new possibilities. She has coached over 2,000 business leaders in gaining self-awareness, developing emotional intelligence and leadership flexibility. Her vast experience in coaching has allowed her to develop the coaching tools and interventions for Leadership Mastery. Lynn is accredited in NLP, NLP Coaching, DISC, Harthill LDF and a number of other coaching tools.

She has delivered in excess of 3,500 hours of individual coaching and over 2,000 hours of group coaching to business leaders and managers over the past 17 years.

When not coaching, Lynn enjoys spending time with her ‘furry kid’ family and the wildlife at her 20 acre property outside of Daylesford.


Peter Lanius, Director

Peter originates from Berlin, Germany and immigrated to Australia in 1996. He holds a PhD in particle physics. Peter spent the first ten years of his career as a consultant and project manager in the IT&T industry. He held senior project management positions in blue-chip companies including Hewlett-Packard, Telstra and Texas Instruments.

In early 2002 Peter joined Lynn as a director of Leadership Mastery. Peter has a keen interest in leadership, behaviour change, human development, behavioural economics, neuroscience, psychology, coaching and change management. These interests have led him to attend a broad range of trainings and seminars. Over the last 10 years he has been putting these learnings into practice in his consulting and coaching work. Peter has attained qualifications in NLP, NLP Coaching, DISC, Harthill LDF and a number of other coaching tools.

He has delivered over 3,000 hours of individual coaching and over 2,000 hours of group coaching to business leaders and managers over the past 16 years.

Peter enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights via Our Blog.

Our Passion

Besides coaching, wildlife conservation is our passion and for the last 6 years we have committed our time and expertise to reducing the demand for illegal wildlife products such as rhino horn. We can utilise our extensive experience in changing human behaviour to create and publish campaigns that resonate with the users of such products and that embed the right emotional triggers to get them to stop consuming.

After running these campaigns as a standalone project for 4 years, we decided to formalise our long-term commitment to this work in 2017 and founded Nature Needs More Ltd, a registered wildlife conservation charity in Australia. We have also broadened the scope of our conservation work as a result of reducing or workload in Leadership Mastery to 2-3 days per week.