We design, administer and debrief custom 360 feedback reviews for CEOs. Most 360 feedback tools are nor designed for CEOs and don’t work well to solicit relevant feedback from boards and external stakeholders. The majority of requests for this type of 360 review comes from CEOs or boards of small-to-medium business and non-profit organisations such as professional associations or charities.

Each survey is custom-designed based on what specific topics the board and/or CEO would like to focus on. In most cases we would use 25-40 questions in 5-8 categories. Because the 360 reviews are custom-designed, we don’t create a ‘pretty report’. Instead we provide a full debrief based on our in-depth analysis of the results. We will also provide a summary of the graphs and the verbal comments. If you are based outside Melbourne, we do the debrief with both CEO and board over video (Zoom).

We normally combine the 360 review with 3-4 coaching sessions to work on the most important development opportunities uncovered by the feedback. Because we include the option of verbal comments in all surveys, there is usually more than enough high-quality feedback as long as you include a minimum of 5 raters per group (e.g. 5 board members, 5 stakeholders and 5 direct reports).

How It Works

We normally start this process with a discussion with the CEO and/or chair of the board to home in on the most important categories to include in the 360 feedback survey. We then provide you with a suggested survey for approval. Once the CEO has nominated the raters, we create the survey, send it out and collate the results. Once the allocated response time has elapsed we analyse the results and create a summary of findings. 

We then present the results to the board at the next meeting (via video or teleconference) and hold a 1.5 hour debrief session with the CEO. Depending on what was agreed, we follow this up with an additional 3-4 coaching sessions. If the CEO is based outside Melbourne all sessions are conducted via video (Zoom).

If you would like more information about our custom 360 reviews for CEOs, please contact us.