About Leadership Mastery

We are probably the best known executive coaches in Melbourne. Having been in business as full-time coaches for over 17 years, we have worked with more than 2,000 executives and senior leaders in private sector companies, NGOs and public sector organisations.

Lynn and Peter are partners in life and in business. We coach jointly and our clients have found that our complementary approach, different perspectives and coaching styles lead to a well-rounded and rewarding coaching experience.

We are expert coaches, we understand business and people. This means we understand you as a person, in your specific situation and context. Every suggestion we can give you as a result will be specific, pragmatic and feasible. We don’t follow a formula or offer standard prescriptions. We know what will work for you, in your specific circumstances.

We don’t make promises that we can’t keep and we don’t open boxes that we can’t close. Working with us is always safe. Integrity and honesty are our core values. We have seen every possible pattern of behaviour and we know where our limitations are. If your best option is to leave, we will tell us so.

From our perspective, working in senior roles in private and public sector organisations has become quite stressful in recent years. This experience has led us to make changes in our life, we have moved out of Melbourne and now only work 2-3 days a week in coaching. The rest of our time is dedicated to running our own wildlife conservation charity – Nature Needs More.

Dr Lynn Johnson and Dr Peter Lanius


Executive Coaching

There are 2 types of coaches – supportive and expert. A supportive coach will assist through asking questions and validating feelings. Expert coaches like us are more like elite sports coaches – we can actually offer solutions that work for you, in your unique situation and context.

Our approach is honest, insightful and focussed on helping senior leaders more be effective and happier in their roles. This typically means developing more flexibility in behaviour and learning to ask better questions. No matter if you would like to reach the next level in your career, become more flexible as a leader, become astute in navigating organisational politics or simply have more tools in your bag to deal with difficult situations or people, we can help you in just 4-6 sessions.

The basic idea of coaching is to have expert assistance with building skills in relation to leadership, management and commercial acumen to either solve current problems or to set you up for future success. Through working with a coach you are able to recognise and address patterns of behaviour that are usually impossible to see in yourself.

Executive Team Coaching

Executive team coaching probably has the highest return on investment of any coaching. Very few executive teams we have come across have achieved the necessary balance between trust, robust conversations, commitment and holding each other accountable to achieve team effectiveness and collaboration on a commercial level.

Instead, what we find most often in Australia is that trust and commitment levels tend to be high, yet most teams we work with lack the ability to have robust conversations with respect and empathy and the ability to hold peers accountable is underdeveloped.  The starting point is different in every team, but improvements can be made quickly and lead to dramatic business outcomes.

We use a combination of team workshops, attending regular ELT meetings and individual coaching to improve executive team effectiveness and collaboration. All our work is done in the normal context of managing the business, we don’t play games or create scenarios. We work on whatever problems are current and reflect on how the team members approach collaboration, problem solving, giving feedback and holding others accountable.


Group Coaching

We provide targeted and intensive leadership development for middle managers and senior technical professionals through group coaching. The programs are customised to your organisation’s needs and vary in lengths between 4 and 6 sessions. Sessions are full or half-days and 2-3 weeks apart and we work with groups of 5-12 people.

We work on leadership and management challenges brought up by the group and participants are asked to test out the solutions in-between sessions. We then follow up at the next session to reflect on what happened when the person applied the solution and refine the approach if necessary. Our group approach to leadership development is based on guided discovery and coaching, not information download or discussing generic case studies.

Business Coaching

We provide business coaching and consulting to directors of companies with 20-100 employees. Specifically, we are usually asked to help with issues such as exiting/entering markets or services, creating an exit strategy, preventing business failure, resolving conflict between partners / directors, creating a strategy and translating it into a workable plan or dealing with difficult clients or employees.

We know what it is like to operate and grow a small business, having been business owners for over 17 years and having created 6 businesses from scratch in that time (and sold two). The main industries we work with and know intimately are business services, engineering, IT, financial services, fintech, franchises and not-for-profit organisations.